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About Us

What are you looking for in a great, full-service spa? Simply put, you want great, professional service at a reasonable price, in a comfortable, warm, relaxing environment. If that sounds like you, Nails Of America in Katy, is the spa you’ve been looking for.

Let’s face it, beauty sometimes takes work. Though some people seem to have an easy time of it, for most of us, looking our very best is something that doesn’t come without effort. Our skin hardly cares for itself on its own, and nails? Well, everyone knows that nails are hardly low-maintenance.

A great spa, like Nails Of America in Katy, can help you with you achieve the very best in personal appearance. For a great manicure, whether French or American, Solar or Gel, we’ve got the experience annails aread professional skills to make your nails truly shine.

And when it comes to skin care, we’re the ones to see! Perhaps your skin just needs a little love, or maybe it needs a bit more. We offer basic facials for people who just need a great, monthly facial. For those who need help with more advanced trouble spots like blemishes, blackheads, dry skin and more, we offer a more comprehensive deep cleaning facial that’s sure to address your particular problems and needs.

Health and safety is very important to us, all of our equipment is furnished at the highest quality and always thoroughly cleaned with hospital grade sanitizer. Buffers, Files and Liner are ONE TIME USED ONLY.

We also have a special room for kids with comfortable and enjoyable spa chairs. The Kid_sessionnewly designed base with a chair made just for them. The plush padded seating and armrests will make every princess happy and enjoy. Moreover, you can call for setting up a birthday party for kids (two week in advance).

Nails of America in Katy

Addr:   9550 Spring Green Blvd, Ste 426
  Katy, Texas 77494
Tel:   281-769-9200

Business Hours

Mon – Sat:   09:00 AM – 07:00 PM
Sun:   10:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Nails of America in Katy
Addr:  9550 Spring Green Blvd, Ste 426
  Katy, Texas 77494
Tel:  281-769-9200
Business Hours
Mon - Sat:  9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sun:  11:00 am - 6:00 pm
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